Vibe XVIII: Top 5 Moments

Vibe 18 was amazing, holy granoli… Saw so many amazing sets and couldn’t have been happier watching from the crowd! Before I get into all the hot topics and discussions, I would like to present my 5 favorite moments/routines/sets/what have you from the Vibe 18 Dance Competition show:

1. The Japanese Teams (Koutei Sennin and Kaori Alive)
Both of these teams brought diversity and a different feel to Vibe this year. I’ll be

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Contemporary Bboy

Just recently saw Morning of Owl’s Battle of the Year stage performance, and it is AMAZING! Contemporary Bboy is all I could think of when I was watching it. I know that name/term might urk or nudge some purists the wrong way, but honestly, this is as close to combining the two styles that I’ve seen ever. Very precise and beyond different than anything I’ve ever seen. No beats, just an orchestral soundtrack and bboys doing more than just power moves and top rocks. Just watch it.

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ORG Winter Camp 2012 Videos

From what I’ve heard and seen through the YouTube videos, Quest Learning Center was PACKED! Here are some videos of the classes that took place. Some of my favorites:

Chris Martin


Austin Fernandez and David Lee


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Culture Shock LA In Da House!

CSLA @ Vibe Juniors 2012

I see some familiar faces! Can’t wait to see more from them.

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Bridge 2012: Top 5 Moments

Finally got a chance to watch some of the other performances I missed at The Bridge Dance Competition 2012. Just amazing performances overall. Here are my 5 favorite moments/performances of the night:

5. Breed’s Old School Theme and Closer
Two words: Gerald Shablamming (@7:40, 2nd to the left)

4. Common Ground’s V for Vendetta Theme
(No video available)

I’ve always been a fan of themes and costumes and stories. It takes much more time and effort to put together and effectively keep everything interesting. CG’s V for Vendetta theme was really cool, and their effects were really effective. Well deserved 2nd place!

3. CADC’s Rock the Boat Piece and Closer

I’ve always been a fan of David Lee’s choreo. Loved his take on the Aaliyah song. It should be noted that Kings and Queens performed right before CADC and had a routine with the same song as well, so at times like that it’s easy for me to be jaded since I’ve already heard the song earlier. But nah, it was a different style and the musicality was spot on. The closer was eye catching. Great execution with the dubstep but not being overly “popping” in style. Anyone know the choreographer? Comment below please!

2. Barkada Modern’s Closer

The flamenco structure was so tight! I thought out of the whole show, that routine was the most different. The movements were SICK. Just watch it, you’ll know which parts I mean. Choreographer anyone?

1. GRV’s Set

So. Clean. Like. What. The. Fark.
Jawn Ha and Bam Martin back from Mos Wanted? Crazy yo.

So there’s my Top 5! If you’d like to list yours, go ahead and leave a reply below. Congrats to all the teams who placed and all others who danced on that stage! Special thanks to GERALD NONATO for the High Quality videos!

God bless
David //

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It’s Been A Long Time, Shouldn’t Have Left You

Mic check one two one two… Is anybody out there!?

Hey dance community! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Looking back, our last few posts were 13 months ago about Scoodies (hooded scarves), a charity dance competition featuring Instant Noodles, and The Bridge Dance Competition 2011! Fast forward 12 months later, minus the scoodies and instant noodles, and we’re back to The Bridge Dance Competition 2012! Time flies by SO FAST!

I had the honor of sharing the stage once again with the dance community I love so much at The Bridge 2012, but this time not as a competitor but as an exhibitionist with my church’s dance ministry, Sodium. Since we performed in the 1st half, I was able to catch the rest of the show from the stands, and I am always so amazed at the amount of creativity and technicality our community possesses. It still boggles my mind to think that a bunch of college students and young adults come together as teams to sacrifice their time and energy into these 5 or 6 minutes dance routines for a chance to win prize money that basically refunds them for their registration and a plastic trophy. Everyone has their own agenda, but I’m sure the one thing we have in common is love: Love for dance, love for performance, love for our teams, and love for our community.

With that said, I’m proud to announce that I have re-committed myself to this blog and all that it stood for in the past. When Sean asked me to be a blog author almost 5 years ago, I came in with a fiery passion for the dance scene and more ideas than I knew what to do with. From there, it was blog posts about the emergence of America’s Best Dance Crew, auditions and workshops throughout Southern California, and one opinionated Behind the Scenes Review on Body Rock 2009. 5 years later, I would have never thought that I’d still be dancing, let alone staying interested in dance community events. But here we are, in the digital Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram era where information is processed and delivered faster than ever before, and dance is at it’s finest hour. With all of the resources available at our fingertips, I truly believe our dance community will continue to strive and inspire a multitude of generations to put on their dancing shoes and create something the world can appreciate.

I know in the past our most popular posts were videos of teams from recent performances that were available for download. (I still have almost all of them! 3 cheers for Sean and his willingness to provide video service for the rest of us to enjoy for FREE!) We’ll definitely have clips from YouTube pasted on here from time to time, but I think the one thing this blog can contribute is to be a channel for discussion, insight, and constructive criticism. As artists, we have strong opinions. Choreography, events, fashion, music, food, sports teams, Pacman vs Mayweather… Nothing is free from our opinions of what is great, mediocre, horrible, bearable, inspiring, groundbreaking, etc. So why not share our opinions? Not as trolls, but as artists who only want to see this art form grow into something more than it was yesterday. There’s also a level of accountability since all of the authors here are credible dancers from the community who have served their fair share of time on their respective teams and staying connected to the scene one way or another. Rest assured, we won’t be writing venomous posts as random bloggers but as dancers who invested in the past and love the collegiate scene. So if we post a Behind-The-Scenes review of a particular dance competition or a particular author gives their 2 cents on where they think dance is going, just know that these are all opinions from people who only want the very best from this community. After all, it is a blog: A digital journal mimicking a publication.

So in short: We’re baaaaaaaack!

If you’d like to contribute to, please leave a comment with your email listed below and we will contact you asap!

God bless
David Yi //

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Scarf + Hoodie = Harf? No… SCOODIE!!!

Brandon Harrell from IaMmE Crew

Winter is just around the corner, and we’re all looking for new clothes to keep us both warm and fashionable. I’ve been working at this start-up company called Scoodie for awhile now, and we make this new fashion accessory called a scoodie: A scarf and hoodie combined together. Now I know that you think it must look ridiculous, but look at Brandon Harrell from IaMmE Crew rockin’ our turquoise design. I brought him over to our booth and he instantly loved the scoodie because of the fabric and its awesome funcationality: the hood comes off. Our scoodie is unique because it’s detachable! If you want to wear the scarf by itself, all you have to do is unbutton it! There’s even two pockets at the end of the scarf for you to keep your hands warm or just store your valuables! It’s a really cool product and company, run by some even cooler people.

Check out the website at to see other designs and colors available, and look at some more pictures of some of our dance community’s finest in their new scoodies after the jump!

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Pink Glove Dance Competition!

I stumbled upon this website while googling different breast cancer organizations. There’s a little dance competition going on where contestants submit videos of themselves dancing with pink gloves on! Winners will be able to donate to their favorite breast cancer charity and participate in future breast cancer awareness events. One of the contestants is the dance community’s very own Instant Noodles Crew! Check out their video and vote for them! It’s for a good

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The Bridge Dance Competition Sign-ups!

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KM Legacy Master Workshops

kmleagacy workshop flyer.jpgDrop what you’re doing this Sunday and head out to KM Legacy’s Master Workshops to get schooled. The company is presenting 8 well-known choreographers that have influenced our scene for the past years. Here’s the lineup:

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Outreach Through Dance 2011

otd_flyer_small_2011.jpgOutreach Through Dance is a community outreach company that produces events to benefit charitable organizations in San Diego. Their goal is to reach out to the community to show the power of giving through the art of dance.

Outreach Through Dance produces various annual events to give back to the community. As ambassadors of The Make-A-Wish Foundation, San Diego Chapter, OTD produces “Dance For A Wish” and adopts a wish child every year. Proceeds from that show go directly to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, San Diego Chapter. “Dance For A Wish” features a wide variety of hip hop and contemporary dances that convey a different message of hope, strength, love and passion. Most recently, OTD, in partnership with MASA/220’s FUSION Hip Hop Dance Competition, organized a city-wide shoe drive and collected 3495 pairs of shoes. With the help of Donate Your Old Shoes, a San Diego non-profit organization, those pairs will give comfort and prevent diseases to needy families in third world countries.

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Do you have an audition?

Dear Dance Community,

It’s officially audition season. If any teams out there would like to have their audition information posted on here, please email us at info [at]


Your That’s Fresh team.

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